Love Laid Bare x Through This Mind


(Still January so it’s allowed, right!?)

2020 is in full swing and January is already coming to an end! So I hope that you, like myself, have your new resolutions and goals pinned to your wall, in your phone notes and to hand to keep you focused and on track for a successful year!

At the start of 2020, I had the privilege of sitting down with the amazing Dionne from “Love Laid Bare”,  on her podcast series. Love Laid Bare is an online social platform created to help people understand, navigate and appreciate life in all its forms, told by the many faces who are willing to share their story.

In this podcast conversation we spoke about ALOT of things! From childhood, therapy, school, loneliness, depression, faith, careers, families, friendships and why and how I started ‘Through This Mind‘ with some jokes in between (I hope).   

For many this will be the first time you would’ve heard me speak and hopefully the first of many platforms and opportunities that I’ll be sharing my story on. So click the link below, grab a snack, go for a walk or play it in the car and listen to me dive in!