Through This Mind (TTM) is a space open for all to “Normalise The Conversation! Making it normal to talk about mental health, society, personal life, wellbeing and everything in between. But particularly a place to be open, share, read, write and have an insight into other peoples lives and their mental health journey. A strong objective of TTM will be for men to be able to talk about and have an understanding of their own mental health, be able to tap into their own issues and how to overcome it, rather than letting it be destructive.

I’ve decided to use my life experiences and journey as stories and guidelines to speak to others so that they can learn from my life and/or how I’m working through it. I’ve also created TTM to make myself accountable over my thoughts, actions and future. I have to practice what I preach right!

This is far from professional or medical advice but stories told from lessons learnt and life experiences lives.

So relax, click a post and have a read. Let me know your thoughts, reactions and be open!

Peace & Love,


If you’d like to contribute to Through This Mind please send an email to contact@throughthismind.com and let’s talk.

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