Hello, 2023 TTM


“Please note that when reading my posts I speak in generalisations and sometimes hyperbole. When I say “men”, “people” or “Black” it obviously doesn’t mean all 7B people in the world but there will be someone out there that it applies to. If it doesn’t apply to you, don’t be triggered, just apply where applicable.”

Where has the time gone? Don’t ask me because I’m still recovering from lockdown and wondering how we’re now almost 3yrs from there.

But I had to bring this back! Not only did I receive comments from people asking “how’s the blog going?” or “when are you posting again?” but I also had to ask myself “will I ever write this book?”. Most importantly, having had time to sit and think, I realised that as a society and community we need to talk because we have a lot of work to do.

Throughout lockdown, in and out of Clubhouse rooms, across different social media platforms, in the news and in person conversations, the back and forth between men and women has been crippling and sometimes down right embarrassing. More times, we’re just too old to be having the type of discussions that I’ve seen and we’re not giving the next generation the right tools and knowledge to be better than us. With the rise of the “red pill” movement, r*pe culture, misogynistic messages across the internet, femicide, absent fathers, abusive partners and more, there are too many resources out there for the mentality of men to be this dangerous!

That’s why this time around I’m turning my attention elsewhere. Funneling it down. Looking in one direction. This isn’t a re-brand but a refocus. I need to talk ‘To The Men’ – #TTM.

Don’t think for a second I’m here to demonise, talk down or chastise men because me I’m far from perfect and still a work in progress. However, I’ve seen and spoken to enough men and women to know that we have issues amongst men in our society that we are not discussing and sorting out. Whether it’s because of lack of fathers or positive leadership figures, societal support, patriarchy and capitalism, men haven’t been able to hone the right skills, knowledge and mindset to become standup men, fathers, partners and leaders that we need in society and at home.

So as with previous posts, upcoming posts will have stats, figures, references and resources so that each discussion point is fruitful, informative and a space to learn and grow. This year there will only be four posts that I’ll be touching on:

  1. Vision
  2. Discipline
  3. Mental Health
  4. Accountability

My posts won’t all be solely based around faith and being a Christian but my perspective is shaped around my Christian walk. However, my posts are for everyone.

So click onto the next page, have a read, share and comment. Men, let’s talk!