Farewell 2020, Hello 2021

We made it! To survive 2020, both physically and mentally, was not an easy feat. From economic, job, education, financial and life uncertainty, it is important now more than ever to appreciate life more and to take control of your life, wellbeing and future. We were thrown into a pandemic and told to learn to survive overnight. We have all been affected one way or another. Thank you to those who have been around and supportive. Rest in peace to those we have lost along the way.

Thankfully, many platforms have provided advice, direction, assurance and help to help navigate 2020. Whether you were struggling mentally, physically or financially there was something of help out there to help. I shared some pointers right at the start of the pandemic with “Covid-19 & Your Mental Health”, so do check it out and share with others.

Now that we are in a “new normal”, it is vital that we start living and not surviving going forward. It has been a long 12 months and longer 9 months in a pandemic. So, here are some tips that I’ll be adopting for 2021, that I’d like to share, taking me out of just surviving but thriving in a new year:

  1. Journaling

Write down your feelings, experiences, emotions and thoughts. Write it down and release it from your mind. Just having a reference to go back to is really interesting as you’ll be able to reflect on your past emotions and feelings and see how far you have gone or what work you need to do to go further.

2. Write down your goals and work towards it

“Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets.”  – Habakkuk 2:2

There is power in writing something down and working towards the completion of that goal. Yes, life isn’t perfect and doesn’t always go how we dream it to but having a vision and goal enables us to navigate life in whichever way it may happen so that we can eventually reach our destination.

3. Do what you want and makes you happy

We have seen that life is too short, so to continue in the same vein of not living life to the fullest would be a big shame. Whilst still following guidelines and restrictions, it is possible to do what you want and accomplish. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill or going to a special place, make time for it, document it and cherish the memories.

4. Live in the moment

Money comes and goes but life will carry on. Love on the people you love, laugh at every opportunity, do what you want and feel the feelings you feel around you. Don’t be overconsumed by what isn’t going right, about work, people and their thoughts but live your life for you!

2020 was a hard year, it wasn’t perfect and things that I planned didn’t always go to plan. Nonetheless, I ensured that I didn’t let a whole year go by without laughing, cherishing, accomplishing and achieving goals set out. I want to make sure and I also employ you to make 2021 what 2020 was meant to be….a 20:20 year.


Through This Mind will be going on a break but the website will still up and available. Even during the quiet periods, this website still gets hundreds and thousands of hits and views from across the world as people have shown a strong interest in reading my story and the posts of our guest writers. TTM will be working on other ventures to grow and elevate this platform and the themes that I, Larry, have been working on elevating; mental health, education, family, faith, relationships and friendships. I’ll be starting the process of writing my book and collaborating with other platforms, so keep your eyes peeled and ready.

So, if you feel any type of way you can always come back here to read, be encouraged and feel seen. TTM’s email is always open contact@throughthismind.com so feel free and open to contact us at any time.

Peace and love.