Through This Mind’s 1st Birthday

Today marks one year since the launch of Through This Mind!

Happy 1st Birthday Through This Mind!

I always knew that I would be able to write and share my stories, providing consist posts and advice, continuously pushing TTM with all my might as I felt it was my purpose to encourage someone else through my stories.

But I didn’t know how far it’d go!

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the amount of support, kind words, encouragement, viewers and readers of the website over the past year. Across tens of countries and to thousands of readers! I can’t thank every reader, sharer or supporter enough for what they’ve done!

Honest moment: TTM was birthed out of the frustration and anger of people not knowing anything about mental health or understanding those who suffer from those issues. It was really meant to be a single blog post to burst out my anger. But we thank God for the growth that enabled me to be mature enough to educate, edify and share the experiences of so many people who may be struggling with one issue or another and provide any sort of insight that I can. If my posts have enabled you to learn more about people who suffer from any issues at all and appreciate that we all go through different life experiences, then my work is (almost) done.

Additionally, if my stories and advice have allowed you to be more open with your emotions, mental health issues or feelings and help you overcome any challenges then my purpose, in life, from God and to you is done. The sub title is “Normalise The Conversation” and that’s what the aim has always been about. And I’m grateful and feel privileged to have shared those moments with you (even if I know it or not).

Working on TTM has been majorly therapeutic for me as I’ve been able to finally be free with my thoughts and feelings rather than keeping them locked up and weighted on my chest. Yes, I have a great support system but that hasn’t always been the case, so finding out a new way to “speak out” about how I feel has been liberating. I’m no longer trapped by my story or past.

I always try to illustrate that my posts aren’t coming from a place of privilege or being “better than” as I still go through bouts and issues periodically. But success is a journey and not a destination, so I’ll continue to share the ups and downs, sharing what I’ve learnt. I also need your advice and guidance, so share them with me too!

Take some time to re-read or for the first time the previous posts of 2018, as I do from time to time. Its important to practice good habits and be in the right mind frame!

2019 will be the year where I’ll be sharing the story of others, their journeys and advice. So, you’ll be hearing less from me and more from others. If you’d like to be one of them, either as yourself or anonymously, email me at and let’s GO!

Thank you again for giving me the confidence and support to not only share my story but also continue with TTM. It has been an honour.

Peace and love x