I’m Transitioning

Inspired by the motivational YouTube video by the phenomenal Aleisha Lee and the encouraging conversations I’ve been having recently with a few close friends on and offline, I’ve realised that a large number of us are transitioning.

Singer-songwriter Aleisha Lee has an inspirational and motivational element to her YouTube channel, where she provides advice and tips applicable to different areas of your life. It was her NEVER GIVE UP video and tips to “Remember Your Why”, “Plan” and “Action” that inspired this post as I had to remind myself to stay focused, plan and execute my ideas. Do my part and the rest will follow.

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve been working on a number of different ventures and just enjoying everyday life. I also realised that the things that I’ve been working on and through takes time and energy. What’s the saying… “nothing good comes easy” (or quick). So, I’ve had to increase my faith in Christ knowing that He’s in control of all my issues, worries, projects, business and goals. I’ve also had to let the things I’m working do their own thing. There’s no point troubling the other person, who has to complete their part of the deal (within reason), when you’ve done your part and waiting on it to come back to you.

That means I’ve had to leave my anxieties and worries at the door. I remember the days, around 2016, when my anxiety used to rip me apart. I’d overthink the reasons why I hadn’t received an email back, rack my brain as to why I hadn’t got a text response or somehow ended up thinking the worst of the worst because of minor delays. My self-belief, confidence in others and faith in God were at an all time low due to allowing external matters really affect my mind.

It’s taken years of prayer and self-belief to truly know that great things will come to me in good time. So I’ve had to pray for peace during the period of transitioning and the move towards the next level of favour.

I’ve been using the word “transitioning” frequently in different conversations recently because I’m seeing people around me putting in the WORK!! Whether that’s waiting on the investment fund into their start-up or a job offer following an interview or just working through tough periods. People are doing their share and waiting on the needed response so that they can step into their new level of greatness. It’s in this period of waiting that your anxiety can kick in and stress mounts up because you’re finding it difficult to stay calm and patient. You suddenly don’t feel worthy or good enough or feel anything positive thing will come out of this (I’m talking to myself right here). But this is where you have to be able to “weather the storm” (being patient) and work through the waiting period (staying calm). Always believe and remember that you will come out of the situation and end up at your end goal and destination. But just know that you have to work your way through the transition.

There’s no magic formula to make it easier or remove the stress, but what I’ve done during this period is to:

  1. Release – Once you’ve done your part, let the whole situation go. It’s now out of your control.
  2. Focus on something else – Use the time to live life, reconnect with others and prepare for the next step.
  3. Believe in yourself – Never doubt yourself. Ever.
  4. Have faith for a successful end – Always know that good will come out of your work. It may not be immediately but if you keep working and honing, know that it will happen.

Twitter is a great place to stay inspired and connected with likeminded people. This is where I was able to receive the following helpful Bible scriptures that helped me when I was in the sticks of transitioning:

Depressed – Psalm 27
Lack of Faith – Exodus 14
Need Courage – Joshua 1
Need Direction – Psalm 73:21-26

So when people ask me how I’m doing I say “Blessed, I’m transitioning” so they know that I’m good and working towards my next level of elevation. So watch out!