To Me, From Me

Dear You,

You!? Me? Yes You, Me…

You did it.

Against all odds, hardship, rejections, neglect, obstacles, barriers and sorrow, you’re here standing today. Remember when you thought things wouldn’t get better, well look around you… they did.

Remember when you thought you could make it on your own, without anyone…well you actually didn’t. You struggled. You were lonely. You were in pain. But breaking through the stigma and opening up to the right people enabled you to build and develop strong long-lasting relationships with people who have been able to speak blessings and strength into your life. They may not have been the people you most expected it from, but you’ve now been able to feel the love and support from new friends, colleagues, mentors and experienced people who empathised with you, know what you were going through and therefore able to help you through it. And by doing just that you are now in a better position to reciprocate that same energy to those very people and others who feel how you’ve felt.

Not only did you make it out with help but you also learnt how to manage things by yourself healthily. No, it’s not ideal to do it all on your own but by developing a stronger faith and connection with God, He’s been able to teach you how to maintain positive habits, find inner peace, manage expectations and seek help.

Remember those days you’d sit in the library for hours not understanding why you weren’t able to memorise and remember the history of King Louis XIII in A-Level History? Or it would take you longer than ‘normal’ to grasp leasehold and freehold leases compared to your classmates. Remember that one time you thought you’d get a 1st in Comparative Constitutional Law but came out with a 2.2! Unbeknownst to you you had dyslexia and therefore not able to live up to your fullest academic potential that EVERY teacher said you had! In your penultimate Masters exam you were able to get the help and support you deserved therefore enabling you to achieve some of your highest results EVER! Won’t He do it for you (finally)!

Now in your present no one asks about your grades or which university you attended because those don’t define you. What has always defined you and shined from within you is your hard work, resilience, determination and consistency in producing your best work, which you thought went unnoticed but are now your greatest assets. Acknowledging and understanding your dyslexia has allowed you to think creatively and stay focused, where you’re able to select things that go unnoticed or think out of the box resulting in better results. By being your genuine self, not pretending to ‘know it all’, being a student of life, staying consistently on the ball and focused on succeeding has allowed you to shake hands, rub shoulders and raise a toast with some of the most successful and highly intelligent people, placing you in circles that you never imagined.


You’re almost on the path that you’ve always wanted to be on. Before you know it you’ll be a qualified solicitor, a credible music manager, a mentor and heavily involved in building and developing the next generation of #BlackExcellent young people and a multi-millionaire owner of multiple businesses. Stay prepared for what is to come; continue being studious, be open to new opportunities, broaden your network whilst being open, loving and funny as that’s what has made you the you you are today.

So the next time you feel like giving up or not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, re-read this letter and remember the number of times you made it through to see a brighter day.

Eternal peace & love,