Encourage Yourself

As much as I advocate reaching out and asking for help, not living in isolation and building a strong support system, sadly for some that’s not always an option. Many people don’t have the privilege of having a loving family or supportive friends at hand. That’s why I believe it is also vital to find strength from within, working on yourself to better yourself whilst building the right network and support you need.

Music is powerful! Music nourishes the soul that no one else can touch or see. When I was at my lowest and most affected by loneliness and depression I found solace in music, in particular Gospel music.

The song that really helped me was Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers – Encourage Yourself. This song gave me strength at my weakest, light in my darkness and peace when things were shaky. From the lyrics, to the vocals and harmonies, every time I listened to this song I picked up something new to add to my artillery against depression and the enemy. It was encouraging to know that God was speaking to me through this song, providing me with the hope I needed.

“Sometimes you have to encourage yourself
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test”

The opening line sets the tone for the whole song. As I said above, when you don’t have the support and help you need, you need to find it from somewhere, within. Speak positivity and kind words about yourself over yourself. Even when you don’t feel like it, just do it.

“Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord”

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, words are powerful. When you suffer from depression, anxiety or other similar conditions you allow your mind to take control. But with faith and belief in wanting better for yourself, it can only be your words and actions that will allow you to overcome the difficulties of the mind. There’s so much power in our words, use it for good.

“Depression is all around but God is a present help”

Mental health issues affect Christians too!  When you’re feeling at your lowest know that there is help and a safe place in God. This was my No.1 source to overcoming my issues. No, I’m not all the way there but the journey to happiness is just that, a journey and not a destination. However, when I do feel low and feel lost I’m happy to know that I can find comforted in Christ.

“As I minister to you oh I minster to myself”

Every time I write a post for #TTM, I’m writing from a place of experience, lessons learned and where I want to see myself. As I provide advice, inspiration, guidance, prayers and encouragement to others I use it as an opportunity to speak to myself. A good way of staying positive is by speaking positivity to someone else.

“You gotta remember that life and death lies in the power of your own tongue”

Speak good into your life. Stop believing the negativity in your mind!! The more positivity and joy that comes from you, the more it will manifest into reality. Life doesn’t change overnight but the more you live the change you want, the better chance you’ll see it.

“Even if nobody tells you you can run on you tell yourself
You gotta remember ‘I more then a conqueror’”

When you feel no one is supporting you, support yourself. Toot your own horn. Shout yourself out. Every morning you wake up, you’re at your strongest. Every time you’ve made it through a difficult situation, you’ve won. Speak who you want to be into existence!

“I believe everything that the Lord said about me
Everything that the enemy ever told me is a lie”

Every person has a purpose. Everyone has a dream. Don’t believe the false words that circle in your mind or the labels people place on you, but believe the good things about yourself. You’re amazing. Courageous. Strong. Successful. You need to speak what you want into existence. That new job? Claim it! Happiness? Seek it! Peace? Receive it! These are things that are promised to you and tangible with belief.

I’m not saying that everyone reading this has to convert to Christianity or only listen to Gospel music, but I do encourage everyone to find sources of positivity to live by. Make sure your environment is conducive for a healthy mind and lifestyle. Surround yourself with positive people and do things that brings you joy.

Comment below what you do to build your inner strength and let me know what you surround yourself with for a sound environment.